A Comprehensive Solution for Commercial Labs in Diagnostic Services

Revolutionize high-volume labs with our innovative diagnostics solution, delivering unparalleled turnaround time and efficiency gains


What is MedX LIMS?

MedX LIMS is a cutting-edge Laboratory Information Management System that revolutionizes diagnostic workflows, streamlines data management, and optimizes laboratory operations.

MedX LIMS integrates instruments for efficient registration, sample management, and analytics. It ensures data security and improves outcomes for patients.

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Enhance Your Commercial Labs in Diagnostic Service

Patient Registration & Engagement

Optimize patient registration and engagement with our intuitive digital request forms and user-friendly interface for streamlined operations.

Sample Management

Efficiently track and manage samples with our seamless on-site and off-site sample management solution featuring barcode generation for easy tracking

Instrument Interfacing

Simplify lab operations with our seamless integration, automating result retrieval and interpretation, reducing errors, and improving turnaround time

PCR Workflow

Boost your laboratory efficiency with our integrated solutions, streamlining PCR workflows for simplified result transcription and interpretation.


Unlock real-time insights and drive data-driven decisions with our advanced analytics dashboard in our LIMS solution.

Data Security

Ensure the utmost protection of sensitive lab data with our LIMS solution's robust data security features, maintaining privacy and compliance with industry standards

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Laboratory Needs

Starter Package


Ideal for new labs with a single location

  • Checkmark Includes access for up to 5 users
  • Checkmark Supports up to 3 machines for seamless integration
  • Checkmark Comprehensive sample management capabilities
  • Checkmark Efficient request management system
  • Checkmark Streamlined patient management functionality
  • Checkmark Generate and manage results and reports
  • Checkmark Access to an intuitive analytics dashboard for data insights

Premium Package


Ideal for labs with a single center

  • Checkmark Includes all features from the Starter Pack
  • Checkmark Expanded capacity with support for up to 10 users
  • Checkmark Integration with up to 5 machines for enhanced efficiency
  • Checkmark Advanced inventory management capabilities added to sample management, request management, and patient management features
  • Checkmark Access to comprehensive inventory tracking and control within the system

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