LabXpert is an end-to-end laboratory information system to manage the entire medical testing process from sample collection to release of results to improve quality and reduce turnaround time

Data and Sample Collection

LabXpert provides effective user-friendly online and offline customizable data collection tools that work on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) to eliminate paper-based data collection.
Here are some of the benefits

Reduced workload burden on the lab team like separation of clients data.

Quality Results

Validation of information ensures highest quality.


Minimise transcription errors due bad handwriting or mispelling.

Data capture form

Update questions on the request forms on the fly as needed quality.

Separation and Management of tasks

Leverage existing sample collection teams for digital data entry instead expanding lab data team.

Clients Identification

Uniquely identify patients even if they have no ID using photo and other personal information

Instrument Integration

Integration with GeneXpert allows automated retrieval of results without manual intervention.

The digital PCR worksheet integrates with instruments allowing automated transcription and interpretation of results. Currently offers dozens of PCR kits and allows new kits to be rapidly added.

Releasing Results

LabXpert generates customisable ISO 15189 (5.8.3) compliant result reports that can be sent automatically via Email, WhatsApp or exported as PDF and printed.

SMS Notifications can be sent to patients without Email or Whatsapp with the final result or simply letting them know that their results are ready.

Sample Reception and Accessioning

LabXpert provides a highly efficient and user friendly workflow making use of bar codes to quickly accession and acknowledge reception of samples into the lab. Accession numbers can be system generated or assigned from a range of bar codes from the Lab.
Bar code scanning
Of sample identifiers is fast and eliminates errors from typing or writing on paper based records
System generated
Accession numbers remain short for a long time even for high volume labs

Finance and Payments Management

LabXpert helps your lab visualise the whole income flow for cash and online payments through;

Online test ordering and Payment

Invoicing and Payments for B2B Clients

Stopping revenue leakages with transaction audit trails


The LabXpert Dashboard contains metrics and charts tracking for lab efficiency and revenue monitoring

Testing performance of the lab and providing insights into critical bottlenecks

Revenue Analytics

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