Diagnostic Excellence

We provide digital health solutions that enable fast & quality lab services for commercial and public healthcare providers

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For Commercial Labs

Boost the performance of high-volume labs with our innovative diagnostics solution. Designed for consistent high-quality results and improved top and bottom-line performance, our solution rethinks lab processes from first principles. Experience over 80% improvement in turnaround time and remarkable efficiency gains

MedX Surveillance

For Public Health Programs

Optimize public health programs with our advanced surveillance system, offering real-time insights into the national diagnostic network. Our solution effectively tracks epidemiology, reduces turnaround time, minimizes equipment downtime, and eliminates supply stockouts.

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What our customers say

While assessing Mutukula Port Health Lab, we found lots of outstanding things but the most was their LIMS called LabXpert. The LIMS has enabled the lab maintain a TAT of 1 hour and 15 minutes even on days when the testing volumes are at maximum

Manual information management was really terrible in my laboratory not until I was introduced to LabXpert which has helped manage patient data capture, sample reception, accessioning, result release and record management